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Arts & Sports

Performing Arts

To encourage self-expression and creativity, the Home is well equipped with a wide variety of musical instruments covering percussion, guitar, drums, piano. Training in synthesized music, dance, drama, and vocal classes can be separately arranged.

Physical Education/ Sports

We believe that a healthy body contributes to the general well-being of an individual. Sports education is a daily part of our programme which promotes camaraderie and team spirit. Residents are exposed to a variety of sports such as soccer, captain's ball, basketball, running, netball, aerobics, dance and crossfit exercises on a daily basis so as to build up their physical abilities.

Exploring 'unfamiliar territory' can often instill confidence and strength, helping the youths to develop new perspectives and skills. Elective sports such as windsurfing, sailing and outdoor sports are available for residents who are keen to pursue further interest in these areas. The elective programmes will and can be continued even after their discharge from the Home. It is part of post-discharge aftercare to keep the residents positively and meaningfully engaged. AG Home strongly encourages residents to attend these programmes for a minimum period of six months.